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Pro Features of Plugin

Here are pro features of plugin which you get with plugin on upgrading our addexpiresheaders plugin. You can use them as directed below:

Upgrade to Pro Version!

This pro feature helps to add custom file types for adding expires headers.

  1. For supporting new/custom file type other than which already provided you need go to advance settings of plugin
  2. Scroll down to “Add New File Types for Cache”.
  3. Choose Mime Type and File extension name without “.” at start.
    for example:- for adding .png file support you need to choose Mime type “image” and in file extension you need to write “png”  and hit submit button to save changes.
  4. once this changes in advance settings are successfully saved you need to go to cache settings of plugin and check for newly added custom file type.
  5. check box in front of newly added  file type and hit submit button.
  6. that’s completed process for adding new/custom file type support for adding expires headers.

Please click here.  For list of mime type and custom post type(file extension).

This Pro feature help to prevent specific resources from caching on browser.

For adding specific resources for preventing caching on browser you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to advance settings on plugin.
  2. Scroll to “Prevent these resources from caching”
  3. You can add filename with extension in comma separated list.
    for example:- woo.js, my-custom.css, dynamic.txt
    and so on then hit “submit” button to save changes
  4. that’s it. Now plugin will prevent these resources from caching in browser.

Enabling this feature helps improving cache support for files with version info.

*before enabling this feature make sure dynamic and frequently updating files are added for preventing caching.

Enabling this feature helps to unset entity tags or Etags which helps in improving page loading time.

Enabling this feature help to initiate HTTP(Gzip) compression of files and content which helps to improve page loading speed of website.

Enabling this feature helps to refresh browser cache periodically and helps keep cache updated on user side.

You can choose refresh frequency from dropdown list.